"Watch Me Paint"

For ordering information please contact me:
at (419)875-6807
email: demiheitzman@yahoo.com

Maple and Main Art Fair 

June 2-3

Wyandotte Street Art Fair

July 11-14


Ann Arbor State Street Art Fair 

July 19-22


Grand Rapids Apple Butter Festival 

October 14


My name is Demi Heitzman. I use cans of spray paint to form works of art.  I have always enjoyed seeing someone take a medium that is a little out of the ordinary and be able to create such detail and beauty that no one would ever guess what medium was used to create each work of art. I also enjoy using bright vibrant colors that  really stand out and catch your attention.  I love incorporating silhouettes. This enables anyone to picture themselves or somebody else in each situation. Sometimes I continue the painting onto the matting and the frame to create depth and the illusion that you can step right into the painting.  Every time I paint I try to think of something that can impact everyone in a different way.

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